I have this feeling that most of the kindergartens are Winnie-the-Pooh themed. I like it but aren't there other funny children's stories?

In November I was painting a wall in a kindergarten. It, of course, was supposed to be a Pooh connected painting. (I had a photo of the projects I've made somewhere but I cannot find them right now) The budget was rather low and the wall to paint sooo long (10m) but anything on it would make it look better.

Marie Antoinette was helping to choose which characters' poses were the best :)

 Somehow it's very hard to find a proper yellow acrylic paint that is not transparent. But when mixed with a bit of white it all covers just right.

 Painting grass and flowers took me a whole day. Except the 10 meters long wall where the characters are the whole hall had a grass on this one side.

Every door was surrounded by flowers.

Some time after finishing the wall I was asked to do the grass and flowers on the opposite wall too so it would look more completed. I did it yesterday and it looks cute now :) I have also added few butterflies which you can see on my TwitPic profile.

Painting kindergartens is fun. Hope I will have an opportunity to do it again.



  1. No i odrazu weselej w takim przedszkolu :D

  2. looks like you did a great job. And as a mother of a little one, Pooh is everywhere! It's a bit ridiculous, I mean I like the stories but still...

  3. hi , may i know that what kind of color do you use?


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