Painting earrings with my cat

From time to time I buy some wooden bases for earrings or bracelets or many other things that can be painted and worn/used. However, for some time I have been buying them but not actually making anything more. Now I have a big bag full of this stuff and a promise to myself to paint them all :) It's even one of my goals for February - paint them all to move forward.

When I paint jewellery I don't usually have detailed sketches. It's just the overall idea that looks like the one on the photo. I like to leave a free space for my creativity just in case I'd like to add or remove something during the process of making.

 Sometimes my cat is a pain in the ass ;] She likes to accompany me when I do anything and everything at my desk. Usually it's not a problem but she already had her paws in paint few times! Even in oil paints! :/

 She likes to stare into the water jar. Wonder what she sees in there :)

Here you can see the sketches of my ideas and the final paintings on the earrings.

 Varnish drying. I used a new kind of varnish this time and I'm in the process of wondering which is better :)

 Final photos made for my Etsy shop - Secret Drawer.


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