Birthday give-away! Yay!

This week I have my birthday and last weekend I finally launched my Etsy store and that sounds like a perfect opportunity to give you something, don't you think? :3

I have three postcard prints of three of my works so I need 3 people to give them to. Are you willing to be one of the lucky three?

All you need to do is write a comment under this post where you will say why you like my work. Don't forget to write your name and e-mail too!

Not your language? ;) To publish a comment you have to write it in a box underneath the post and click "zamieść komentarz". You can write it as an anonymous person or use one of the possible accounts given if you have one (like google or openID). Remember that orange button if used for final publishing of the comment. Easy, isn't it? ^^

The give-away will end on my birthday - 12th August and then 3 people will be randomly chosen and announced here. I will contact them by e-mail too.

So are you ready? I bet you are! :)



  1. I love your artwork because it is so whimsical. That and I've enjoyed seeing how you have progressed and changed over the years. ALSO you really should pick me because my birthday is also August 12th.

  2. Happy birthday!! I love your work... I like the softness of the images, with such bright colors!

  3. Happy birthday :)

    I love your artwork because the colours blend so well together, the characters are outlined and shaded so well, plus it's very unique.

  4. I like your work because.. I just find it so inspiring. The concepts are always wonderful - I see art where it's just a drawing for the sake of drawing, but yours always seems to have a little story behind it, and the characters always have a little personality.
    The actual art itself is also fantastic quality, the colours go well and the techniques you use are fantastic. You also don't stick to one medium - but use traditional, digital, even crafts! I hope one day to be able to use a mixture of mediums too, rather than just stick to the same thing.

    I hope you have a lovely birthday!
    - Alex

  5. HAPPY (slightly early) BIRTHDAY! i find your artwork inspiring because it always tells a story and engages me. i want to keep looking and think about whats going on and what happened before. i fell in love with your faceless fairy images first. then i saw what lovely childrens illustrations you make and i admire your realism and traditional media skills. you are a great and inspiring artist and i wish you all the best and that all your wishes come true (especially at your birthday ;D)


  6. Hello again! I copied and pasted what I wrote on your dA journal. I hope that's okay. =]

    Hey there! Hehe, I don't know where to begin. To me, your works and your style are very sweet, charming and lovely. I love the roundness and simpleness in your characters, and the colour schemes. Your style is easy to embrace. It's impossible not to be charmed. =]

    The reason I had to have you on my devwatch was simply not just because your art is cute and fun. It's so much more than that. When I look at your works it always reminds me of when I was a little girl. It reminds me of those summer times when I played with my friends and cousins. Some of the illustrations have me go back in time as far as to kindergarten. I loved to listen to the adults reading a children's book and let me point out what I liked the most in an illustration. = D

    Gosh, now I feel old, haha!

    Happy Birthday in advance and thank you for sharing some happiness with us!

  7. Hi! First of all, I do adore your works. I feel like I'm becoming a kid again when I see them. They're so cheery, something that would definitely light up one's day! Full of life and cuteness, and very engaging if I may say as it tells a story on its own. Such lovely works.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And keep doing great! I'm looking forward to your works in the future.

  8. love....
    you work makes me happy,makes me smile!
    i love to look at them, it reminds me of childhood and keep me safely.
    i dont want to miss your art

    happy b day!

  9. >w< ohmygosh how exciting!
    why do i like your work? because its soo adorable! i love your child-like illustration style. it reminds me of that lady.. beatrix potter? who did peter rabbit and stuff :3
    i really just adore all of your artwork ^^ you are amazing! honestly ;u; <3
    ~squeakysun from devart :3

  10. I really like the atmosphere you create in your work. Is very sweet, even in darker themes it has a freshness that makes it just a little bittersweet...

    I also like the way you compose and use color palette, especially how you create textures. I think is that, especially the use of different textures created by the variety of materials that you use that make me associate your work with illustrations for children's books or classic tales...

    Nice Work!! Keep on going!!!


  11. There's many things I adore about your paintings, particularly the colors and watercolor medium that gives pretty textures but what sets you apart from others is the way you draw animals, they always come out so soft and cuddly! You're able to capture their expressions very well and that's what give live to them! I like your sense of humor expressed through your painting, making them FUN beside being a pretty picture.

    I'm looking forward to your daily sketches and most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  12. Po pierwsze, wszystkiego dobrego :3 I zapros mnie kiedys na ten twoj czekoladowo-pomaranczowy tort, albo uzycz cudownego przepisu na te slodkosc :DCo do Twoich prac, uwazam, ze sa urocze(czasem do takiego stopnia, ze chcialoby sie to cos miec, przytulic -co jest np na obrazku,czy rysunku), ladnie dobierasz kolory, i widac, ze robisz to z pasja i wieka fascynacja :) I mysle sobie, ze moglabys spedzic nad nimi caly dzien :P i zycze aby poszedl ci ten sklepik jak najlepiej :D

  13. Happy birthday! I love your work. It's so fun and unique. Are you still offering a print of Muddy Milk?

  14. Happy birthday! I don't know what I can say that hasn't been said already in a dozen wonderful ways. Who wouldn't want a print of your works? Each image is a sweet reminder of the innocence of childhood and breadth of the imagination. I'm moving soon, to a new house again really far away from where I live now but this time its different. I'm eighteen and done with my mandatory schooling and the pressures on me to find a career and move away from home. I really love to draw, but I know its not a career that would take me anywhere so I have to look at more realistic things. Like becoming a baker, I want my own store someday. Its times like this I really need to remember how simple life once was, and could be and how even now a good imagination is important. Maybe I'd hang one print in my bakery some day. (:

    - Rachel C., rachel_2992@ymail.com
    Thanks for considering me, good luck to everyone!

  15. I love your art because it has the adorable aww factor and also because most pieces tell a story in a very cute way.
    I love the variety you have in your gallery and the personalities your characters seem to display.
    Anyways, I could really use the card for a give away on the next chat night for Littlebelovedones.

    Happy Birthday again



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