Daily Sketch - 92; Star Gazing - Illustration Friday

A bit out-of-date but it's worth waiting :)

I drew this picture in Andren (my notebook) with something particular in mind - on my birthday, as every year, the Perseid meteors were visible and a little trip has been organized to watch them. There were 8 people (if I remember it right) and we were enjoying ourselves a lot. Maybe only mosquitoes were the annoying and not-so-good part ;)

I've added colours in Photoshop and I really like the final effect. I like the softness of those animals :)

The bunny is me (this you should know)
The sheep is my Love (you could probably know that too)
The bird is Grubcio
The mouse is Lesio
The cat is Dusin
And the fox is my sister Kate :)

I haven't been thinking about the real people while drawing this but it somehow appeared that they suit the animals :)



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