First attempt

I got my first cooking attempt this weekend. I bought my first ever cookbook full of chocolate-connected recipes recently and I chose something quite easy for the start - chocolate éclairs.

The process of making them was rather easy but, because I've started too late, I had to do it in two goes. And I think I somehow fucked up the filling ;] I don't really know what I did wrong but it had a different texture than the one you can see on the picture above. However, my family of sweet-devourers ate everything to the last bit and they liked it a lot :P I will try to make them one more time soon and maybe then the filling will come out just as it should.

Next weekend I will try something with raspberries. Two recipes that look interesting are named 'A Raspberry Craziness' and 'A Tower of Crunchy Cookies', so maybe there will be two tries next week, who knows? :)



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