After weekend

I had a really bad humour this weekend. More - I've spend one day crying constantly without any particular reason. But probably I just need to cry from time to time to wash off all those bad emotions and thoughts and it sounds really well since I feel like a brand new me now :)

I've made two next recipes while being at home but, gosh, I've forgotten to take pictures of the sweets from the cookbook. I have photos of my versions of them but it's better to see the comparison, isn't it? So you'll have to wait for that.

However, I have an In Progress picture to show you - a commissioned picture which I will finish this week (I took it with me to the hotel because only weekend-long-work is not enough). The background is probably done, I will only add some finishing touches at the very end.

I took this photo at night so you just have to imagine that the sky is rather blue than this dirty violet-grey.



  1. It looks great, beautiful background. I'm glad your feeling better!


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