Some cuteness on the way

Today I had an interesting day. I visited a place where I may work as a designer of the pictures you can see on children's clothes. It sounds and looks very very optimistic but I don't know if I'll manage to do everything I have to do on time if I start working 3 times a week for 8 hours during my best time for creative work (morning and noon). But, whatever the disadvantages are, making designs like that is exactly what I like and it's a piece of cake. And it's fun :)

Still, few more people want this job and we have to make trial designs and the best, the most pro-children will win. I already have a sketch, now I have to get down to the final version. Keep your fingers crossed for me! (Maybe I'll show the design here when I finish it, so you can tell me what you think? Hm?)

Today I wanted to finish part one of a project I'm working on. As you can see part one involves a mouse-rat (it's not specified what exactly it is). And a cheese (that quite specified :D)


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