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Today was a weird day. At least it feels like weird now - I feel so tired because of the amount of work I did but I can't see any actual work done in front of me... I think I wasn't focused too much today so everything I did took me twice much time and was much more tiring than it should be.

Today I received a lot of e-mails from my publisher telling me what I have to fix/change/add/remove in the princesses illustrations I have already made. There's really A LOT of it! I wish I could think like she does and make perfect illustrations so there'd be no fixing. I hate to fix, if you ask me. Because when I show a work to somebody I already think that that particular work is good and I'm proud of what I've done. And when somebody says I have to fix this&that it feels like destroying what I've created... And I know it's a bad way of thinking :) But I just can't help that inner feeling ;P

My plan for today says I should do 4 more things before resting. But it's midnight here and I feel more sleepy with every minute =o= I'm desperate to do as much as I can, so I won't be stressed out when the deadline approaches but, I can't deny it, work goes much better in the morning. Lately. What takes me 1h in the morning would take me 2,5h now and that's soooo discouraging! It feels even worse when I think of it :D

The rest of my plan for today is:
- finishing a sketch for a next princess (Japanese) and re-thinking the composition of the Indian princess;
- making a colourful concept design( because I was told those made with pencils only don't show off well);
- making T-shirt designs on computer (I have them ready on paper and scanned);
- and making progress with Venetian princess (gosh, she's a pain in the ass x_X).

I think I will start each one of them so I won't feel ashamed of myself :D

And go to sleep... mmm... I'm so sleepy... =.=


For entertainment: my youngest sister's (Zuu) designs made for me as examples of what I should draw :D


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