Królewskie Źródła

First thing: take a look at two sketches I did lately. The second one, with a cat on a beach, is already finished. It is the second design which should give me the job. I was asked to do sth more childish and no bugs included :D You can see the process at my LiveStream.

Here is a project for IF's/Children's Illustrator theme - mix of 'ahead' and 'dragonfly'. But I don't know if I'll manage to do it before month's end.. :(

Sweetie :3


Yesterday we (my family) went on a little trip because the weather was so nice and we bought a new car 3 days ago and since then everyone is willing to travel all the time :3 So we went to Królewskie Źródła (Regal Mineral Springs). There is a fabulous forest there. It's a soothing place; soothing beyond imagination. Unfortunately, we came there on Sunday so there were masses MASSES! of people but only on the main trail. We took a different route and got relaxed and happy anyway :D

I took only few pictures because I have forgotten to charge camera's battery =.= My mum used the camera on the day before and I haven't checked if it's at least half full.

Those are my parents and my little sister. The medium sister didn't come this weekend.

Tina! :D

And again! :) It's hard to take pictures of her because she's afraid of cameras and cell phones, don't know why...

And something from the previous week - black and white monster making a mess on a desk :)



  1. I follow you since a time ago (also in your deviantart) but I always was very shy to leave a comment in this site… but your hamster! Looks like a cousin of my hamster xD
    And beautiful pictures! That place looks so magic ♥ the first one is my favourite.

    Your illustrations really inspire me and I realized when I’m sad or when the days turn bad… I see your drawings and the sun is shining again~ and I feel better. You inspire me to make my dream come true: be an illustrator! In my road I’ve had a lot of problems for make it real, but I don't give up! Thank you from deep in my heart : )

    (God, I had NEVER written too much in english until today >_< I speak spanish so my english is… actually, very bad. I hope you can understand!)

    Good week : )

  2. @Constanza

    I'm so happy my work inspires you! News like this always make me smile and happy with what I'm doing. Hope you will became an illustrator and make your dreams come true - this is what matters the most, after all :)

    I'll start studying Spanish after holidays so then you could write comments in your mother tongue :3 (but only those not too complicated!) And don't be afraid to write here something from time to time; I'm always overenthusiastic when somebody comments on my blog >o<

  3. Thank you! I’ll do it my best!

    And don’t worry, I’ll write in english (the best I can, at least >_<). Maybe I’ll leave little comments in spanish so you can practice! x)

    Thanks you, again ~♥

  4. Thumbs up, and I hope you will get the job! The sketches look great!! I wish you all the luck whit your beautiful work!! I also like the illustration below (silkscreen), I love this technique but I don't have the materials for it. I had the chance a few years ago to make a few of my own on the academy of arts. Do you make them at home??

  5. OMG, your artwork is amazing! Your little dog looks like a sausage, she's so cute, and I love the rattikins. I loved having rats, they're so smart!


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