A random fact about me - colouring pages

You probably don't know this and, I must admit, only few people do know - as a part-time job I make colouring pages :) I don't get too much money for this but it's just right to buy pencils, paper, paints and stuff (for example: I've spend the whole last month's payment from colouring pages on sunglasses - I'd call them quite expensive but it's important to care for your eyes if you're an artist!). So - it's not a big deal, it's just some regular pocket money :D And these money come easier than those from English/artistic lessons I give to children, so it's worth it *nods*

Something about the colouring pages:
All the colouring pages I make are based on a place and characters I've invented. In Polish it's "bajkolandia", so in English it's something like "fairy-tale land". In this place live at least 6 different families - squirrels, mice, birds, little people, pixies and faeries. They live in different houses in various parts of the Great Meadow. Children go to school and parents go to work (or stay at home and do some stuff; it's quite an idyllic place - they don't have to work ;)). Every month I put those characters into two situations that are familiar to children or may interest them. This month one of the situations is the Mother's Day! It still one month to go but it's better to do it earlier than do it quick just to be on time. The other theme is, not a second Fairy-Tale Land this time, a commissioned set of colouring pages with Forest's Spirits.

Here you can see the sketches I did today. It's the first time I did so detailed sketches on paper. Usually, I just get the initial idea while drawing on paper and I think about the composition and details in photoshop. I'm still wondering which method of thinking-sketching-more sketching-digitalizing is the quickest.

Here are the Forest Spirits - a symbol of some Kindergarten. I had to show the stuff they are doing from a song's lyrics (because the whole thing is based on some song).

And here are Fairy-Tale Land colouring pages. As you can see some of them are horizontal and some are vertical - when I start making them on computer it makes it a lot easier if I have decided beforehand in which way I want them to be. Of course the page won't look "complete" in all of the cases so I'll have to add some background or few details here and there to make it more interesting.

Making colouring pages is a nice work; very relaxing. I will get sure to do it all the time :)

And that's the end of a random fact! Hope you enjoyed it and get sure to find out more about me in the next episode! :D



  1. How do you get a job like this?? I would love to do this, even if the pay is terribly low.

  2. @Meagan I was going through some jobs on a job web site and they announced there. I said I'd do it for a ridiculous payment and they took me :3 You can go through some children web pages and ask there. But to be sure you get any payment for it - choose the sites on which you have to subscribe, then you can be sure the owners of it have money to pay you.


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