Next princesses on their way and a fancy design

Today was a nice day - I finished another princess, the Japanese one, Kasumi. I have been making her for ages, at least it seems like ages. Or eons even! I've got lost in making leaves on trees and bushes and only that took me a long time...

So, since Kasumi is ready I have to add another princess to my daily routine. At the moment I'm making a Gypsy princess Drina and finishing the Venetian one, Allegra. The next one is Native American and I don't know her name (it will be something traditional, like White Cloud or Big Tiger) - the author of the text will choose it while writing a story, and that will happen after I finish the illustration.

Here is a sketch of the princess (the overall composition of the page was already approved - she will be sitting next to a totem pole and there will be another one near and some tipis and a falcon on the sky). I think I'll add more details though; I saw some interesting things while googling.

And here is the next princess, Nadieżda. She's from Russia and she's got a sledge with a bear (or bears) :D There is snow everywhere and she's having a ride.

I was wondering which hairstyle would be the best: the one with traditional "hat" and hair put loose or the one like Julia Tymoszenko, which is sweet and easily recognizable :3

The next princess comes from Greece and her name is Olimpia (probably "Olympia" in English). She reads stories to children and has a lovely dress! Oh, I love that dress so so so much! :D

You can see a concept of a centrefold (wonder if that's a right word, or if it refers only to Playboy :D) - when it's closed you can see the princess and Greek columns/patterns on both sides and when it's open you can see more of the children and mosaic pictures on both sides referring to stories she is telling. Probably some characters from Greek mythology.


As I've promised in one of my previous posts - here is a design I've made to get a job as a designer (wow, that was so witty! :P) of the pictures you can see on children's clothes. By children I mean those little ones.

The designs are made using silkscreen, so there are only 3-4 colours to use + the colour of the background. I must admit that it was hard to choose which colours suited the theme the most and which looked the best when mixed together. Of course all of the colours need to be bright and sweet and hugable (is there a word like that?) :)

What do you think about my fancy design? The company will be looking for a designer till the end of April so they have not much time left. Hope they won't find anybody better than me *^__^*


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  1. woooooow!
    so lovely to see your sketches about the princesses...that's huge! How magestic. Love it Aleksandra! Have to work on right now:) and your design, very bright and happy forms!
    I'm hoping too that they will choose YOU!!!!
    GOOD LUCK girl!



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