Poise - Illustration Friday

I'm quite amazed that this time I've managed to create my Illustration Friday work without a hurry and not during a Thursday night... That's a bit weird :D

When I've read this week's theme POISE I've had two, let's call them, visions. 1st - a girl sitting stiffly on a fancy chair, just like if she'd choke a broomstick; picture made in a Victorian style, using oils. 2nd - a girl trying to keep her balance while walking on a fallen tree laying across a stream. And she needed to wear a hood. So there was no way she could not be a Red Riding Hood :D

Now, let's see the process :)

Character design and composition's conception. Nice hood you've got girl :3

Sketch on a watercolour paper :) Can you see anything there?

Then I inked the outline with a thin line and made few bold lines on the Hood so she would stand out more.

Made a background using watercolours. I wanted it to look simple and clean.

First layer of the foreground :) It's so exciting! :D

I was wondering how to make a water look like a water not like a blue cloth or something. Because I didn't want it to gain too much attention compared with the Hood I've decided to do it in the simplest way - paint it dirty-blue and tap it a bit with a handkerchief. Few more colours later on will make it look just right *nods with approval*

Oh! It's almost done! >o<

Finished!! :D

Good job :D


I've promised to show a character design for a Cherry Lady. So here it is. Done during the most boring lecture you can imagine ;)



  1. That's really nice. I like how you showed the step-by-step of how you got to the finished painting. Pretty work.

  2. ładne toto co namalowałaś :-) wiesz co? mi osobiście bardziej sie podoba ten Kapturek na tym przedostatnim zdjęciu niz na tym ostatnim (czy tym co jest na deviancie). chodzi mi konkretnie o to paspartu (jak to sie pisze?). moim zdaniem praca z takimi 'niedociągnięciami' (?) wygląda fajniej, niż taka w tym paspartu ;-) ale to tylko moje zdanie i niekoniecznie słuszne... ;P


    btw: może następną notkę poświęcisz naszemu SP F1 Team w GPM ;-)

  3. OOOh very beautiful and good work !

  4. I like your sketches and the final outcome is just beautiful:-)

  5. i love how you show your process... great job!

  6. she's lovely! Great work.

  7. no slicznie ci to wyszlo >o< :D Mnie sie ogolnie podoba ;-p


  8. Thank you for sharing the sketches. Great job. Very beautiful. I like the red hood.

  9. Congratullations! Really great work! Thank you for sharing the process - I think that's really interesting!

  10. Your work is beautiful and amazing!Lucky you.Have a happy weekend!

  11. I think your illustrations are lovely :-)

    (ps. i found you through nico designs)


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