Artistic rage during Easter

This time you'll see pictures mostly, not what I write (and write and write and write and there is always so much for me to write and too much for you to read...).
Let's begin!

This one was created while waiting for sth to do on a meeting described below. It's inspired by 'The Last Elf' by Silvana De Mari. Incredible book, I recommend!

This is The Meeting :) as usual we were doing something for a contest - this time those are 5 self-portraits. By 'we' I mean us, the girls...

... and the boys...

... oh yeah :D

Easter! Here you can see two eggs I've decorated. It's 'drapanki' in Polish, give me a minute I'll check if it's a name for this in English....
One minute later: It's here. It's called 'drapanki' as well but you can read more if you're interested :3

Oh! They look beautiful! This year mum decided that an Easter dinner table looks too boring and we should do some funny and sweet-looking muffins and that's exactly what we did :)

So many already eaten! And the photo was taken a day before Easter! *zgroza!*

The most hungry members of the family :D The first one is Tina, our dog, the next one is Kacper, my dad's part of the family dog. They are pleased to meet you. Do you have something to eat? :3

I saw 'Bridge to Terabithia'. It's magical. I just couldn't resist...

I still couldn't handle it :P (I even bought my sister the book so she will not be able to handle it too ^^)

And here I've just finished reading 'Witch Child' by Celia Rees. I was anxious throughout the whole story. It's amazingly written, having a great pace and leaves your head full of ideas. Stories about witches (or to-be witches or never-were-but-people-thought-different witches) are my hobby-horse - I could read them all the time and never get bored.

Look who's here! A creature! Unfortunately, it did not tell me it's name (probably thinks I'm not trustworthy). But it's now with my sister and maybe she knows how it is called :)

Here's a sad story :(
Even before the Creatures came to me this little butterfly appeared. It was beautiful, glittery pink with green and mauve spots. Unfortunately, it died on the next day ;(

*still sad*


  1. Wow, wow and WOW~! You live an extremely creative life! What fun you have! You're a brilliant artist as well.

  2. lojezu jka ja koszmarnie tam wygladam hahah ;-P szkoda tylko ze praca nie przeszla ;(

  3. @Arr

    E tam od razu koszmarnie :P a prace na konkursy częściej nie przechodzą niż przechodzą *nod*


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