Mysterious creatures from a nearby bush

Today, when I came out for a little walk, I saw something shiny glittering in a bush next to my block of flats. I came closer and I couldn't believe my eyes - three colourful unknown (I'm sure of that!) species were napping on the branches so unaware of their uniqueness. I took a camera out of my pocket ( it's good to have a camera always somewhere near, oh yes it is!) and took few photos.

Unfortunately, they woke up just then and flew away (or fell down, it depends...). I wanted to see them once again so I searched everywhere they could fly/go. Few minutes later I noticed something bright blue on the grass and I was sure it's one of them. And I was right! I found them again and took few more photos :)

While taking those photos I tried to introduce myself and, also, I explained those little creatures that they are very unique and they should find a nice shelter to hide in if they want to survive. I explained that there are many weird people around there and surely one of them would like to see all three creatures lying dead in a glass box.
Just then those little species got a bit anxious and they asked politely if there is a possibility I could hide them somewhere. I didn't have any idea where should this hiding place be but then they announced that if I'm such a nice person then my own home must be as nice too. I thought it will the best to agree and then they introduced themselves.

From the left: Franciszek, Honorata, Skarabeusz Jeżyna.

So we went home.

No sooner that Franciszek went into my home, he found a new best friend - my sister Zuu. Now they are inseparable. However, Skarabeusz and Honorata stayed with me and they look very happy together ^^

They also said that there are three more creatures to come to me. So I will take a lot of photos and upload them here as soon as they show up. Stay tuned then!



  1. So cute, specially the blue ones

  2. ojej :-) całkiem ciekawe te Twoje kosmiczne żuki ;-) zastanawia mnie gdzie było robione to zdjęcie:


    nie moge zlokalizować co to za miejsce ;/

    a tak poza tym to bardzo podoba mi się ostatnie ujęcie, jak Jeżyna pobiera Honoratę ;>

  3. @Anonimowy

    Jak kiedyś przyjdziesz to Ci pokażę gdzie :)

  4. This is a pretty incredible idea!! Love these little creatures!!


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