Comb here, comb there

I've painted a bit. Only a bit and I still see the enormous amount of work ahead waiting for me to do it. That's a LOT of work, oh yeah...

I did a bit here and there, hope you see the difference when compared with the last picture I showed few posts before :3

However, I've decided that a fringe and a comb make a to obvious slanting line together So I've changed it a bit and now it looks like that:

Hope I'll get back to it again as soon as possible.


When bored at school I've "designed" a fancy jacket and a brooch. It would be great to make one like that but from where people get all those cameos and pendants to use as they wish later on? I am, unfortunately, unable to do something like this on my very own and it makes me feel a bit sad. Like if I didn't know everything I should...



  1. Uuu! prosze, prosze! jaki podobny Pierożek :> uderzające podobieństwo ;-) naajs łork :-)

    jak chcesz to możesz kiedys i mnie wymalować na takim olejnym obrazie! później będę sobie wisiał gdzies w jakiejś galerii i może ktoś mnie kupi? oczywiście 75% zysku wiadomo dla kogo...

  2. It's soft and full of Illumination! Lovely!!

  3. @Anonimowy
    Bardzo chętnie Cie namaluję, ale wątpię żebyś wytrzymał bez ruchu (i bez niczego do roboty..)

  4. Hi,girl...it's so nice to see you having fun in changing the effect for the painting! I am sure it will turn out AWESOME. Have a nice day!

  5. pewnie że wytrzymam, bo jestem wytrzymały! :>


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