Three goodies

Only good news today! :D

Another Creature came to me on Monday. It didn't tell me what it's name was but it said that it wants to go to my friend, Monster Princess, and stay with her. So on the next day I took the Creature to my school and when my friend came it at once said it's name, Elmo, and that it's a boy.

This is him, Elmo boy :)


He is a shy Creature. At least that's what Monster Princess says. They look good together, though.


More good news: as I've decided some time ago - I will not make any more still-lives at school. It's been already two classes when I drew what I wanted and what surely is not a still-life and has nothing of apples, ribbons and white cloths in itself.

The idea of a High-Five Enthusiast struck me some time ago, when I was drawing something for a contest (if I remember it right). Firstly, he was supposed to be a bit 3D with his arms reaching out from a paper on which he would be drawn. It would be a good contest work - a bit different from any other. But he ended up as my inspiration on drawing classes and he looks just as I've imagined him.

When I was drawing a High-Five Enthusiast she came to me - a Lady with a white mask and an embroidered dress. Week later I drew her, it was still so clear in my mind, I remembered how everything looked. Those two works are not very 'MINE', I'm not used to do surreal drawings but well, when they come, I can not possibly resist. I even should not try to *nods*

I already know who wants to be drawn on the next classes - he has big and tangled antlers, a deer-like head and there is a shining glass sphere in front of him. Can't wait to make him alive on my drawing!


And now it's time for the biggest announcement: I've finished my portrait! :D My mum says it looks like me so I think the basic condition of a self-portrait was met. I am ready to work on it a bit in the future, only if I'll be enormously bored and have absolutely nothing else to do, but as for now I'm very very happy with the result ^^ My grandma will be pleased too, I'm sure! (It was made for my grandparents)


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