Legendary - Illustration Friday

I know it's a week too late but since I've finished this picture anyway I wanted to share it with you.

I don't know if you had an imaginary friend when you were little but I didn't. Such a waste of time... NOT HAVING ONE! :D I always had sister by my side so there was no room left for individuals like that - what if he or she had a really big tail?
However, it's never too late to find one :)

Hope you like it :3


I've encouraged my "pupil" (I'm teaching her to draw) to make a lot of sketches and silly pictures when she's bored at school, just for fun and because they are very often the best way to seek for new ideas and new paths of creating.

That's what she did recently :D As an elf lover I could have predicted that :D
(It's me and her going after those beautiful creatures <3). I'm the one with big breasts ;)



  1. So cute! Love the little girl position and expression. And the monster is fabulous!


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