Window to the other side

On Tuesday I started painting. It's the very first painting I have ever done in that specific style - my style. All those oil works I do, most of them at school, are quite boring and they have nothing to do with the things I like and the ones that interests me. The only feature of them that I can truly call my invention are the colours (I love to lie about colours :3 those still lives looks so much better then). I did few painting with Faceless Faeries, which you can see on my DA gallery, but this theme has it's own colour scheme and atmosphere; you can say it's Faceless Faeries' style.

So what about my style?

I've had a little chat with our painting teacher about problems I have while painting. ...actually the problems start even before I begin painting - they appear in the morning when I wake up and get ready for a painting class. I hate to go there and see all those horrible still lives waiting to be painted or drew. I hate to see our model, always the same one; I feel sick when I look at him.

It's like standing in one place all the time. Not a single step forward. And for me standing still is like going backwards. Sometimes it's even like falling all the way down to the very beginning.

That's why I skipped the classes this week and stayed home to paint something that I'll be proud of :) There's no one standing above me and telling be it's a ridiculous thing to paint or that the colours are too colourful or that I'm not painting while looking on a real model and, oh my gosh!, I'm painting straight from my sick imagination ;] lovely feeling <3

However, coming back to the painting classes subject, it's not that bad as it seems. My teacher told me I can paint from imagination, or I can add my own made up details and similar while painting/drawing a still life or the model. It just has to have a bit of sense and be prepared in the same way as other works - with sketches, good composition and a nice idea. Sounds all right to me.

To not fall backwards in this tragic speed I'll try to find my way in the painting world.

Big step forward is going to happen, I think...

And here's what I did till today :3

A sketch :)

Base on a big fibreboard. And who's standing there behind it? >o<

Oh! It's Jenson Button :D So nice he could come and watch me painting :P

I've added a bit of lines to be more sure what's where...

...and few more colours that fit the lines :)

This is how it looks today. You can almost see my very first idea of this self-portrait. Can you see it? :D



  1. Jenson to jest gość! ;D kto by pomyślał, że Cie odwiedzi ;-) ciekawe jak mu pójdzie za tydzień w Australii :P jeśli będziesz spać, to pewnie kiepsko ;P

    a co do obrazu to musisz go wreszcie skończyć :> tym bardziej ze jest na konkurs! kiedy mija termin zgłaszania prac Pierogu?

  2. @anonimowy
    Postaram się nie spać :3 a co do konkursu, to na szczęście mam czas do końca kwietnia o ile dobrze pamiętam :) więc luuuz


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