Subtract - Illustration Friday

I've made it!

Of course my scanner decided that this work is too ugly to be scanned and he (I'm sure it's 'he'!) scanned only a half of it. So I had to make a whole piece from two halves.. It's quite not the subtract theme :P

Enjoy those tasteful cookies, mmm.. :3



  1. This is a lovely illustration! Wonderful drawing and the colors are great, too!!

  2. Why am I seeing a big fall here?!?!

  3. i like reading your blog...you're funny! ^_^
    and lovely art too!

  4. I bet those cookies are worth it! Great work, really nice line work and colors...

  5. Those cookies are going to taste so much better when he finally gets them he he he! This is really great work. This is really beautiful. I saw your post on Watercolor wednesday and was wondering if anyone got back to you????? There is a post on the side bar that has all the information on how to join. Good luck to you Your are so very talented and whimsical and I like your work very much!

  6. wydaje mi sie czy kolory na tym zdjęciu są bardziej nasycone niż są w rzeczywistości na kartce?
    (w końcu ja, jako jeden z nielicznych, widziałem ten obrazek na żywo, wiec mam porównanie ;-) )

  7. @Anonimowy
    Może troszeczkę bardziej są... Ale nic nie poradzę - akwarele nie zostały stworzone żeby je oglądać na komputerze więc trzeba je było trochę podrasować ^^

  8. lubię podrasować :>


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