Today I went on a little trip to Czarnolas (let's call it BlackForest Village :P). I had a business in there - I was commissioned to paint Museum of Jan Kochanowski which is there. (From those who don't know - what's probably all of you - Jan Kochanowski was a famous Polish poet)

His home, which now is the museum, is a really enchanted place *nods* I would love to spend there some more time.

Here is the building and it's surroundings. Of course they look much much better when you are there and look but I guess all of you can't go there ;)

And here's some in-progress stage of my little painting. I prefer bigger ones!

Here's a dog that came and would not go away :P It was overenthusiastic and I had to put my paints and the canvas away or get them devastated XD I could not even take a proper photo because it was too mobile. Silly old dog!


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