Zaczarowana Szuflada - the contest

On Sunday I went on a trip to Warsaw, the capital city, with my <3. I had a business there - I won a contest for an illustration based on a poem for children written by some lady. The poem was about drawers in one's head and what they contain.

Here you can see some photos from the event. It lasted for 3 days and there were many interesting things to do there but we were there only for 2 hours on Sunday.

The photos are big enough to click and look closer.

Me getting my diploma and a present.


I've got soft pastels, a big kit of them! Shame I bought myself a set of soft pastels 3 days ago == but those are round and the ones I bought are square! At least there's a bit of difference between them. They published a book with the illustrations and mine is on the cover. Sweeeeet *^__^*

There was en exhibition of dolls, puppets and other craft thingies.

They've got nice clothes :)

Lion! (at least I think it's one..)

Now let's get the author's signature =:3

And here are other winning works and the ones nominated. Top right here is my favourite. It won in it's category (children less than 4 years old).

Here's the one that should win in my category (older than 17).

Don't you think it's amazing?



  1. eeee tam gadanie! jakby ta praca wygrała, a Twoja przegrała to wcale bys nie była zadowolona ;-) wiec nie oszukuj i nie mów, że powinna była wygrać ilustracja kogos innego ;-)

  2. Oh I wish I could be there!! Looked like a very interesting one! :)


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