Strong - Illustration Friday

I bought myself a set of soft pastels so it was obvious that a day of trying them out will come sooner or later. And today it came!
Yesterday I made a sketch of a simple thing I want to draw and find out (again) if soft pastels are really that horrible. I've decided to use Illustration Friday's theme for this week - STRONG.

Preparing of the work place - paper for soft pastels, the sketch, pastels, pencil, rubber and pen.

After drawing a girl and her dragon with pencil I made the outlines using a brown pen.

Start of the colouring! I like how it looks here... Maybe the next work made with those pastels will be very yellowish with red dots :D

And suddenly it's finished! It's magic, I tell you :D

And now let's wonder - who is the STRONG one? The girl or the dragon?



  1. powiem Ci, ze nawet mi sie podoba :-) w odróżnieniu do Twojej samowoli w publikowaniu nowych prac bez mojej wiedzy :P

    zobaczysz, to się skończy zerwaniem kontraktu!

  2. @misio oj bez przesady :P byles zajety mafiozowaniem wiec nie chcialam Ci przeszkadzac ^o^

  3. WOW! So fun to see the process you go through to create. Great illustration!

  4. no tak, faceci, skads to znam takie teksty ;P no przynajmniej tutaj widac KROK PO KROKU jak robisz prace ;)


  5. przejrzałam portfolio i baaardzo mi się podobało magiczne ilustracje robisz!


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