Daily Sketch III - Day #41-50

This time my sketches has been completely taken over by a Cat and a Girl with long hair. Hope you don't mind - they are a rather cute couple :) I will make something different for the next 10 days, I promise.

 First design of the Cat. Based on photos of my old cat.
 Drawing from photo reference - it's a wildcat. My cat (see: picture above) was a half wildcat.

 First design of the Girl. Long hair, long tail, small horns and cute arms + legs.

 Designing the outfit of the Girl. First comes the cape/hood.

 And then the underneath part. A simple dress looks much better than puffy shorts she had at the beginning.

 This sketch captures her personality the best.

 Though I find this one super cute :)

 My mum's cat.

 Back to designing the Cat. I've changed his proportions a bit so he's more recognizable. I'm not sure if this is the final design... However, the "feeling" of him is just right.

"Oh, hey there. You come here often?"

That's it for this time. Now on to the next batch (I will post them on 30th or 31st January).



  1. Oh I love your sketches! The one where she's huddled eating is my favourite but I love them all!
    Jess xx

    1. She doesn't look too friendly there but somehow still manages to be cute ;)

  2. Such cute sketches! I simply love the way you draw cats!!! <3


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