Daily Sketch III - Day #31-40

A month of daily sketches! Yay! Now on to the next one :)

Here are next 10 sketches I did + a bit of description if needed (beware, this post is picture heavy!).

I started with splash art (I've described the process in my previous post) and more cat character and his companion. Here you can see all of the before and after splash daily sketches. Colour schemes were randomly chosen via ColorSchemeDesigner.

Day #31

 Day #32

 Day #33

 No natural light photo this time, sorry :(
 Day #34

 Day #35

 Day #36

Here, on the 6th of January, I joined Sketchbook Challenge 2014 - Victoria Ying's and Mike Yamada's idea of pushing one's art further by massive daily sketching. The idea is to fill up a whole sketchbook (A5, 200 pages) in one month. And since I was already sketching everyday I've decided to join :) Why not. It's a win-win challenge, because even if you won't finish your sketchbook, you still make plenty of drawings.

For now on my daily sketches will come from my Moleskine sketchbook but I think I can still pull off some splash art there :) We'll see.

 Day #37

 Day #38 - Sketch of my idea of the topic "time" for Illustration Friday

 Day #39 - That's all I could master for IF this week - too little time! But it looks fine :)

Day #40 - Grandma cat. I need her for my secret project ^^

As previously, I post all my daily sketches + more on my Instagram, twitter and tumblr so don't forget to check up those to see and read more :)

Because of the massive amount of sketches I'm making lately, due to the Sketchbook Challenge 2014, I have decided to share some, or most, or all, with you, here :) They will be posted under "from my sketchbook" tag.

See you next time!



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