From my sketchbook #15

As I've mentioned before I am taking part in Sketchbook Challenge 2014 - Victoria Ying's and Mike Yamada's idea for boosting artistic growth. And fighting free time - effectively! :)
It's all about filling an entire notebook with sketches in one month time. The notebook has to be A5 and 100 sheets of paper (200 single pages). I'm cheating a bit in that part - when I found out about the challenge on 6th January I went straight to my local art supply store but haven't found a proper notebook. It would take next couple of days to get one from some web store so I went with what I had - Moleskine sketchbook, which is A5 but has got only 103 single pages. But, well, better 103 pages of sketches than none, am I right? :)

(Anyway - I am right in the middle of illustrating a set of 6 books for kids so there's not that much time left actually!)

Here comes the first part of sketches. They were made for the 2nd children book I've just finished illustrating. It was about a pony so I had to practice drawing horses. No... sorry... I had to LEARN drawing horses. I have never ever drew them before, to be honest.

Next time - a fox family :)


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