So you'd like to teach?

This month I will start to teach art to kids :) I don't know if you know, but I'm a trained art teacher though I never really wanted to work at school. Art classes in Polish elementary/junior high schools tend to be treated, by both teachers and students/kids, like a prolonged break-time, where you can additionally mess with paint. There's nothing wrong in messing with paint, truly, but the attitude where art is thought as something unimportant has always taken me aback from the idea of finding a job at school.

However! Now I will be teaching art to kids who want to be taught - during after-school art classes. They will held at my sister's Drawing School and I can teach whatever I want. There are so many ideas and techniques that can be shown to kiddos that are just perfect but unsuitable for school's art classes.

I'm super excited!

Here's a poster image I did. It's all around town now and in all elementary schools.

Four sketches from which my sister chose number 1 and 4.

 Getting things done. My computer, Kalliope, was struggling with the size of this file. 
*That's Tina being helpful*

Final image without course info + logo. The text says "art classes for kids".

And here's my sister's Drawing School "Kreska" (="line")
- Website
- Facebook page with lots of students' drawings!

Keep yours fingers crossed for me, please!



  1. Ahh! That is so cool!!! I am happy for you!! It is always more interesting to teach to people that want to learn! Have fun!!! :D


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