28 things on my 28th birthday

 *Gosh, I'm old...*

Because last year the list did not go as "used" as I hoped it would, some things will stay on it once again. And this time I DO HOPE that I will get down to them asap just to not put them on a list next year ;)

This year it is more about making me a better artist and using my skills to the full than just doing stuff I wish I would/could/might do/have done. I am starting a new job + working only half-time at my previous job and it really is a big step forward for me. I hope that in a year's time my ideal of creating in my home-office everyday will be closer to fulfilment than it is now.

1. Do charity work.
2. Illustrate 1 old fairy tale.
3. Publish 2 of my books on the Internet.
4. Make a 2014 calendar.
5. Resume  Daily Sketch.
6. Re-make 2 of my old artworks.
7. Study light and colour.
8. Paint on canvas again.
9. Learn how to make GIFs from my drawings.
10. Make a new avatar.
11. Get my blogs up and running again.
12. Plan posts for blogs and actually make them.
13. Introduce 3 new ideas to my Etsy shop.
14. Search for an artists' agency and maybe even find one.
15. Win a contest.
16. Plant flowers and watch them grow.
17. Go on a long bicycle ride.
18. Go swimming every week.
19. Finish reading everything I've started.
20. Read "The Witcher".
21. Read 10 new books.
22. Try out 10 new recipes.
23. Learn 3 new things.
24. Try 3 new things.
25. Visit 3 new places.
26. Practice yoga everyday.
27. Answer quickly.

28. Work harder.

As I am controlling my anger pretty well and doing something good everyday is quite obvious too - I've decided to push it a step further and really show my support to some charity organization; which will be a local animal shelter. I've been sending them monthly donations for some time now and I think it's time to do something more. So I've got a year to figure out what it would be and do it the best I can!

Let's get down to work!


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