Underwater - Illustration Friday

Yesterday I received a fabulous package - even 2 packages! Both were presents I have bought for myself to celebrate finishing book illustrations and to celebrate a new career start. First was a brand new set of French watercolours + fancy watercolour paper (oh I love those); second was a brand new Wacom tablet. I've been using my sister's Wacom Bamboo for some time now and I thought it was high time to have my own professional piece of equipment. So I bought new Wacom Intuos Pro :) And it's great. I'm getting used to all those smarty-pants keys and thinking of the best way to place it on my desktop.

And creating! :)



  1. aww this is beautiful! love all the colours and the scene

  2. Wow, amazing concept! I really like it! :)

  3. lovely illustration! I love it!


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