The big ones - custom illustrations

Some time ago I've created a set of 3 big pet portraits (for the same customer as this one; hello Bea!). And it was great. I mean - amazingly great! It's been such a long time since my last big watercolour illustration that I was literally astounded how great they can look. Because of concentrating on small pictures I have almost forgotten how beautiful those big ones can be.

Let me introduce: Chewy, Dexter, Chloe, Emmie and Maggi. Now guess which one is which :)

Take a look:
(warning, there's like 100 photos here - it may take a bit to load) 

 First idea sketches.
Colour and composition sketches.

 Sometimes I see clearly that I need a bigger desk...

 Here are the cheeks :)

 My little helper (or big mess-maker? I just can't remember ;P) in action.

And here's my most favourite from the 3. I just love that slightly dirty sky, rocky shore and the lighthouse (I think I might have a thing to lighthouses..).

 Pirate cat *meow-arr* I should totally paint a pirate cat someday!

Don't you think they look fabulous? :D Why have I not painted an illustration like this with my 3 silly cats, yet? Every pet should have an illustration like this :)



  1. They are so lovely!! I always love to come and see your new works! They are so inspiring! Wonderful work!

  2. Oh! They are so fabulous!!! I loved to see all of these pictures. You've done a wonderful work :)

  3. I love them! They look great.
    Thank you for showing some close up shots of the paintings, it's nice to see the details of how it made!

  4. Pirate cat is my favorite character but they're all so cute!
    Great work!

  5. Great work! May I ask you, which kind of paper is it? Thank you...


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