From my sketchbook #14

Wow, that was quite a long time since my last post! But although nothing new appeared on blogger, lots of new things appeared in my sketchbook (or rather on those thousands of sheets of paper stuffed in every possible free space on my working desk :P).

Just kidding, in reality I'm a very tidy person so those sketches are quite organized. At least in my point of view!

Here are just a few of my sketches done at work:

 This one is already changed into a silkscreen print. I think I have shown some snapshots of a finished vector illustration on my Twitter or my Facebook.

 This little skater boy is also a silkscreen print already ^^

 Mr. Unicorn will be my upcoming week project.

 Hanging doggie is a remake of something I did earlier, but this one turned out super cute ^^

 And there's also a fishing fox, of course :)

 All those projects were made while I was looking for an idea of a simple print on toddlers' clothes and onesies. It still hasn't hit me.

 Victorian fox. It seems that those two on the left are begging for something; don't remember for what though..

I have a ton of drawings like this - warm up sketches made before drawing something which actually presents an idea. Almost all those warm-ups are cats ;P

That's all for now :) But I still have photos of some custom illustrations I did during this holiday season.



  1. Those are all so adorable!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your sketches. I love watching the process.


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