First nursery rhyme done

Right now I have more illustrations made but since I haven't shown all the photos I've taken just when they were up-to-date, now I have to divide them into smaller parts :)

Part one: The making of next 2 illustrations to a first story about a naughty little girl who makes pranks. In the previous post you can find the 1st illustration of this set.

I was making two big illustrations at once. One is a kitchen scene and the other one shows a bit of a living room.

First of all, after preparing the paper (what was described several times) I have put on a masking fluid. You can see the bottle of it on the photo.

Cat in the picture :) I wanted to add the cat, the one which got its tail green, somewhere in the presented room. But since there was not enough space I've decided to make a picture of it.

 When the masking fluid was drying I could use my desk again. However, it dries quite quickly so I got back to work soon.

I've bought myself a new green watercolour. Just in case. You can see the two greens I have - one is emerald and the other one is dark and dirty, so it's sometimes hard to make a perfect shade of green out of them.

 In the painting process. And a cat :) There must be a cat!

 I like the moment when the colours start to look so vivid and bright.

 Finished! They look nice together :)

And my kitty at the end :) In the sleeping mode - as always.

Hope you like the pictures!



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