Let me introduce.. Misiokot

Home without a cat is a weird place.

That's what I thinks and that's why I was so stubborn in repeating to my Love it's time for a new cat. You like cats? Yes? So why you're still catless?

And here's what my Love has got now:

Isn't he a cutie? XD

His name is Misiokot (Teddy Cat) and he's a Maine Coon. He looks like a toy with his tail pointed up and clumsy moves :)



  1. Wow! He is the cutest cat ever!

  2. Oh hi Adelaida! I am participating in a fundraiser for Japan (please check my blog to know more, maybe you'd like to participate as well). I don't have have pets I can photograph sleeping which is what I'd like to paint for the fundraiser. I was wondering if you would allow me to use Misiokot's top photo to paint from please? Thank you so much :)


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