Warrior shaman

I have invited my Love to my place so we could be ill together :) We have spent whole days on watching movies, sleeping and playing Heroes of Might & Magic V. We are great fans of this game and we can't wait for a next part to appear.

Some games can inspire me so much. I just need a bit of fantasy, an elf or two, a lot of magic and beer+snacks :D My inspiration always comes out in a form of game related pictures and this is how they can look.

I've made this illustration in my little watercolour Moleskine and I must say - it's just great to paint in her (her name is Elaina and she's one of my comrades :3). The paper acts a bit differently than one of my favourite papers by Canson and Arches but I like its heaviness and slightly textured surface. It goes well with that lot of water I usually use. I should get a bigger sized watercolour Moleskine, too!



  1. to mnie sie bardzooo podoba! Lubię to! :D

  2. ja tez to lubię :>

  3. Very cool, I love her head-dress! I love fantasy too, and play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons.. it's such a great source of inspiration :)


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