I don't know if there's a holiday like this somewhere else, so you may not know that the day of 30th of October is the day of fortune-telling in Poland.

There are many many different ways of telling what will be one's future - some are used all over the world (like pouring liquid wax through a key hole and finding meaning of the given shape by seeing its shadow) and some are, maybe, used only in Poland. I haven't looked closely to it so I cannot tell you :)

Back to the point. Because of this holiday we had a special guest in our coffee shop. He stayed with us for few hours and used his tarot cards to answer people's questions.

I've decided to give it a try before any other customer got interested. I do believe in fortune-telling as I cast runes from time to time and they have never guided me wrong.

I've asked if my illustrations will conquer the world.

First, I had to draw a card that describes me and where I actually am.

 I'm the fool ;P And I'm beginning my journey. It's a beginning of a beginning so not even a single step had been taken.

Then came three cards describing (probably) past, present and future. Although the tarotist said something like "Let's see what your fate thinks about it..". I don't know much about different tarot layouts so I'm not sure. Maybe you know?

I'm not sure if I remembered the last 2 cards right. I'm sure that the 2nd one got wands and that there were 5 or 6 of them and only the one with 5 fits what was described. About the 3rd - picture on a card was presenting a man like Odysseus - on a boat with his eyes covered, tied to some ship's part, with few mermaids in water in the background. I have not read what was the card's name so it was really hard to find it. And I have totally not seen any swords there. Or cups or anything else of this sort. But the person with covered eyes looks just like it. Hope I got it right :)

And this is the answer:
I have to go out to the world with what I make. What is happening now is just the beginning, and it's even hard to tell where this journey will lead me.

After all this fortune-telling I was asked to draw another card to check if I understood what I've been told, and this is it:

I'm still alone in my journey but there's a bit of light ^^

Hope everything will go well. I really do.


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