26 things on 26th birthday

The idea has been copied from Hanna :)

Although 4 months have passed since my 25th birthday, I think I will still manage to make those 26 things. Or at least try to. It's a good thing to always have a goal. And I think it's so much easier if the goal (the big one) or goals (all those little ones) are written down and hanging in front of you every day. So you won't forget and try, try, try, always try to reach them :)

Here's my 26:

1. Get driving licence. At last.
2. Write and illustrate my own book.
3. Make my web site.
4. Create a T-shirt design (and get that Tee to wear!).
5. Learn to sew.
6. Sew something for me to wear.
7. Sew something for the house to have.
8. Make an inspiration board (because it's not so inspiring right now..).
9. Learn Italian (go through the whole beginning course I've got).
10. Learn Finnish (same thing)
11. Get a new pretty tattoo :)
12. Keep my weight.
13. Get more girly.
14. Make Daily Sketch vol. 2 for at least a month.
15. Read all books by Trudi Canavan.
16. And 'Witcher' books.
17. And all 'Moomins' books :3
18. And finish reading all those books I've started and stopped reading for some unknown reason.
19. Find a representative in UK and/or US.
20. Win a contest.
21. Buy something valuable for my Love.
22. Get more into zen.
23. Practice yoga.
24. Take my Etsy shop to a next level.
25. Visit two places I have never been to before.
26. Get out to my own place.

Will check how I'm doing in four months time, in April, when I'll be in the middle of my 26-things-on-26th-birthday journey :)



  1. ej dobre ;) tez powinnam zrobic sobie cos takiego ;)


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