Highlights - Illustration Friday + contest picture

 Highlights of this year? I don't really know - so much have happened. But you can say that this little green droid became very important so here's a picture with it :)

It's been a while since I've shown the whole process. You can see how I've made this illustration - I've used Wacom Inkling for sketches and Photoshop for colouring.

Here's a sketch of another illustration I've started - you can see it on my facebook.

 Do you know this guy? :)

 Done! :D

You may not know - since it's a traditional thing only in Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia and Czech Republic - they are sharing Christmas wafers and wishing the best for one another :)

I've made a Christmas card out of this illustration and, hopefully, I'll win a cute white tablet. The contest is on this page - tabletowo.pl

Going on a New Year's Eve party now - see you again in the 2012.

Happy New Year!



  1. Thumbs up for the contest!! Waw, this is great to see your progress on this illustration, very interesting how you've build it up!!

  2. Happy New Year Adelaida! good luck on the contest. Great work!

  3. I haven't won, unfortunately :( but there will surely be lots of other contest to participate in and win! ;)

  4. really love this and the use of color is absolutely fabulous :D!


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