Animation Course and Daily Sketches

Long time no Daily Sketch shown, you probably think. But I have to say I have them all, even more, I made two or free sketches every day. However, I don't have a scanner and haven't figured out if there is a scanner somewhere here, where the course takes place. That's why you need to wait till weekend when I'll come back home.

A lot of my sketches show a character from a story I've started writing - a bunny (wow, that was unexpected ;P). It's fun to draw him, especially when you know what is he thinking and what is his story. It's hard to write :/ I don't know so many things. Maybe you came across some tutorial or guide or a pack of tips for beginner writers? That would be very helpful :3

About the Animation Course: Yesterday we started finding out what Adobe After Effects is and how to work with it and till now it's fantastic :) It's fun. Hope I'll learn a lot!

OK, back to work :)


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