Animation Course 2

Before starting to know software used for editing animations and movies we made 2 more storyboards. They were harder to invent, especially the second one, but you won't learn anything if everything comes easily, will you? :)

1 - We were supposed to use light and quantity contrast. This is a story about a busy bee.

2, part I - Something new - the camera was to stand immobile and the character should be moving inside of the scene.
2, part II - Opposite - now the camera is the one that moves like a crazy; the arrows show where the scene is made without any cute (it's too long to write how exactly the camera should move so you'll just have to imagine this ;P). The story is about a Beaver Builder who makes a stupid thing and then has to make it right. I know the finale is too short but it's not the main point of the story so I didn't want to concentrate on it).

I could make more storyboards like that, it's fun :)


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