Animation Course 1

First day of the Animation Course has passed and I'm really happy with the way it looks. I think I'll learn a great deal here and, even if not a great deal, I'll get into the next level :D

Yesterday we had a class about Animation/Movie Editing. We learnt about different ways of showing scenes and how those different point of views should be edited so the viewer won't get distracted, anxious or whatsoever. We made few exercises on paper - each of those small storyboards had a different goal and showed various ideas that we should keep in mind while editing (or making a storyboard).

1. First one had no specific goals - it was just a warm-up. We just had to keep in mind that one scene should be at least 2 times closer or farther than the previous one. It's a story about a cat who wishes to fly like birds.
2. Here we had to show the main character from different points of view, not only en face or from profile. It's a story about my lazy dog Tina.

3. We had to show scenes as seen from above or from below. It was quite hard when a story is about a hamster... with birds it would be much easier.

4. Here the goal was similar to those above but we had to add some perspective to it (like seen by a frog or by a bird or other). I could exaggerate some of the perspectives I've used but well... it looks good now too ;) It's a story based on my sister's behaviour. But she doesn't NOT mind when TV is not working ==

5. Last goal for that class - dialogue. We learnt how to show dialogue properly so the viewer won't get lost or bored. So this story doesn't have any amazing plot, it just shows a dialogue :)

That's all! I have few photos to show you too, but I left my camera in a hotel with my friend so you'll have to wait for them. But I hope you liked my short stories!


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