Little furniture attacks!

Since it's already after Christmas I think I can show you what I and we have done.

First of all, I need to mention and underline that I had a lot of fun making those little pieces of furniture. I am sure I'll make next ones in the future, someday.

Second, the receivers (my sister and my friend Eve) were so happy when they unwrapped those presents :D Actually... Eve was happy. In the first moment my sister was holding the little commode upside down and she didn't know what it was; we had to turn it right and then she was happy :D

So here they come!

The Little Commode

for my sister Kate

I've bought a wooden commode in a shop and painted it (base + dark green). Then I've googled some dragonflies' pictures and after choosing 2 most "pretty" I've drew them with a golden outliner.

The Girly Casket

for our friend Eve

This time we (me, the Little Monster, Boschman and Bartosz) bought a wooden casket via internet shop, it's much much cheaper! Then it was painted (base + brown/pink/red) and the ornaments were made using outliners for glass paintings and acrylics. The heart and the butterfly are Boschman's, the ornaments inside the drawers belong to Bartosz and the little bunny is mine :)

I'm so proud! :D


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