Daily Dictionary (1-7)

It's been a while since I and my friend Boschman started our daily Dictionary. What is this Dictionary thing? Every day, when we have a little brake, we open our dictionaries and with closed eyes we pick a word. Then we choose a better word from the two we have and make a quick sketch somehow connected with that word. The sketch takes 30 minutes - no more, no less.

I can already see (after 7 sketches) that I've improved a bit and that the ideas, which have to come very quickly, are more complex and have a little story behind them - just as with my finished pieces which take me more (much more) than 30 minutes. When you have so little time to show what you have on mind you start to search for actions of less effort and bigger result. I've started to use more brushes to show the texture and material of which items in the sketches are made. I have to play more with colours, which I didn't do at that early stage, to show the mood I'm thinking of. It appeared to be quite easy, though :)


FIRST - 2008 XII 5

2008 XII 6 - we were on a Film Party whole night

PLEDGE - 2007 XII 7


OUTDOOR - 2008 XII 9

POCKET - 2008 XII 10

COUCH - 2008 XII 11

The only thing that makes me sad is that most of the sketches would be great works. But with this speed and growing amount of them it is impossible (yeah, right) to finish all of them. Still, it's good to have them materialised somehow - not only floating in my mind :)



  1. Dear Adelaida...this is really good!The idea is challenging, as I can see. But that what makes your brain working best,right? You should record these in an album! And I really feel honored that you put my blog on your link. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. *hugs*

  2. Uuu! widze ze jakaś nowość sie na blogu pojawiła :> sonda! interesujące, fajne, ciekawe ;-)

  3. great works!! i love those quick ilustrations!!


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