The Queen of Green

Why is it so hard to keep my jealousy hidden; having nothing to say; not making me feel so bad.

The Queen of Green, let's call her like that, always makes me want to be the best, be the only one noticeable or worth noticing. She makes me feel a bit ashamed - too much egoistic attitude. But isn't that true that we all want to be as good as possible; we want to show all those 'others' what we can do and that we can do it fabulously. So maybe it's normal... Isn't it?

As long as she doesn't make me hate my friends because they're better than me - I think it's OK. It pushes me to go further and deeper, to reach the things I wouldn't have normally thought of seeing.

The Queen of Green is coming...

But right now she's waiting for a bus to my place :P



  1. Many people feel envious.. I suppose wanting what someone else has, as in, wanting as MUCH as they, rather than wanting it INSTEAD, isn't a bad sentiment....

    Your words made me think instantly of Jimi Hendrix' 'Bold as Love' because in the second lines, he says 'Queen jealousy, envy, stands beside him, her fiery green gown on the grassy ground' something like that! Listen to it look :)


  2. trochę przesadzasz :P


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