Reflect - Illustration Friday

That was quite a big coincidence with this week's Illustration Friday's topic.
I paint my Daily Sketches each morning and since for some time I've been painting in a splash method* I don't really have much influence in what I will paint. And my Friday's, 27th Daily Sketch's, splashes reminded me of a lake :) So here it is - a peaceful reflection.

I will post next bunch of sketches (#21-30) tomorrow so you can see the rest of the splash art. Also, I think I will add photos of how the splashes looked before I got down to them :) It's quite interesting - everyone or anyone can see something entirely different in them.

If you can't wait for those photos you can check my Instagram, where I show them daily.


* I splash some paint on paper and when it dries I try to find some sense in those strokes, dots and marks.


  1. Beautiful image and very interesting technique!

  2. C'est magique cette manière de peindre, j'adore!
    Tu as de l'or dans les mains!
    Joyeuse soirée


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