Pizza part 2

 After a weekend at home (or at work actually) I came back to Pulawy to keep on creating my wall painting. You can see the previous bit of painting here.

 There were only 9 days left till the grand opening. And the 3rd wall wasn't even started (and won't be until next week!). I was changing pictures and making the count down every day :)

 I took more paints with me. Those layer and layers of the forest ate most of those huge green paints.

 I was working about 8 hours everyday. It doesn't sound harsh but with the possibility of not finishing on time hanging over my neck I felt very exhausted every evening.

 But still got power to dance :)

 This time my Love came with me to help. And helped a lot! He did the most nasty thing - he was putting the base colours on walls (giving me time to paint more creative things).

 Oh, and he was fixing my messy edges ;)

 But also got some free time for himself! Everyone needs a rest from time to time.

 But maybe he had too much free time if he got the possibility to cover paper tape with rabbits ;P 

 The bar was finished and it was time for the rest of the furniture to drive in. 

 And a bit of it you can see here. I liked the original colour of this wood, but it was not my task to decide about it. On this photo you can see the almost finished 1st and 2nd wall - I just needed to add few tiny details later.

 And this 'wooden' wall is ready to welcome some pictures hanging in fancy frames. Fancy WOODEN frames, of course :)

Hope you liked what you saw!



  1. Wszystko spoko, tylko gdzie jest trzecia ściana? ;) czyżby zostanie pokazana w trzeciej odsłonie posta o pizzerni?

  2. Widze, ze Marko ci dzielnie pomagał :)


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