From my cell phone

 So don't be shocked with the quality ;) My cell phone's camera is no killer, really.

 A big sketch of a contest work. You can see it finished here.

 Few copies of my book. Well, book with my illustrations - I'm pretty lame at writing rhymes so there's no way of me creating poems for kids ;)

 A cat from my neighbourhood that I visit as often as possible. I call her Grahamka but her owner calls her Pela. She was pregnant when I was taking this photo. Now there is a little version of her running around the yard.

 Panda T-shirt - shame it was so shapeless, otherwise I would totally buy it :) A tee with Bubbles you can see on the right was not right too :(

 My cat in a white boot ;P She got bitten just a while before by some bug but she didn't seem to care and was chasing them all the time.

 Eating birthday cake at work. I've baked it :)

 And this is my cake, also at work, which I got from the girls :)

 Me and my friend Aria on my sister's reception party.

 One of the gifts my sister and her husband (this word sounds weird) got for a weeding. A BIG piggy bank :)

 Dog named Brudas living (from time to time) with my aunt and uncle. He's silly and incredibly big.

 My newest book :) Will share more photos of it soon!

 That's how people looked through windows to see what I was painting on pizza restaurant's walls. It was stupid and they've got me really distracted.

 Now my cell phone's memory is clear and I have space to take more photos!


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  1. Gratuluje wreszcie wydanej ksiazki z ksiezniczkami :) A tort musial byc zapewne przepyszny :3


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