Cat of the day

Yesterday, while talking seriously with my Love a cat approached us. I thought it would run away, as most of the cats, as soon as I turn to it. However, to our surprise, this cat was very friendly and wanted to stay :)

It was quite small - smaller than my cat - and some kids had painted its leg red.

We took it home, checked that it was a She, named her Parch and gave some food. Or rather - she took food on her own. As soon as we entered my Love's flat the cat appeared in a kitchen. Next to my Love's cat's bowls. And got them empty ;)

After a bit of cuddling we took her outside and gave her a take-out meal. Hope she's doing fine :)



  1. masz rozowe wlosy! :D podoba mi sie! :D

  2. Poor little thing! Lucky you found her.xx


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