Traditional printing classroom

I don't know if I have ever showed how my favourite place on the University looks. It's a place where I work (or rather 'worked') on my fab Faceless Faerie series of illustration. What I like the most about this place is that you can take over the whole room and then workflow is just incredible :) You just have to find the moment when you'll be alone there.

 This is the work place the way I see it when sitting at the great table. You can see a press in the middle, a table on the left where you apply the ink and make all those dirty preparations, a sink just behind the press to wash your dirty hands (it's better to wear gloves than try to wash off paint with water ;) ), on the right inside this kind of aquarium is a place where you wash off paint from your offset stencil. And on the table you can see my 'Bus' print :)

Faeries always sit somewhere near me :)

But during working on traditional prints they usually sleep in my pencil case or on my notebooks :)



  1. Such a beautiful illustration...

    PS: I think my deliciously decadent giveaway from The Aromatherapy Co will be right up your alley!


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