Lan finished! (for today)

Today, to use our school wisdom in practice we went to a museum with our lecturer. There was an exhibition of portraits and self-portraits. Some of them were really neat! (And some were shitty, sorry!). I made photos of two which I liked the most. Those photos were taken with a cell phone so they aren't good quality pictures.

What I liked the most about this portrait is an outline. It looks so art nouveau-ish and I love that style :3

This portrait was incredible! It looked like a photo and was made of transparent layers of oil paints mixed with a lot of turpentine or linseed oil. Amazing! You have to be an oil master to be able to use this technique with such an outstanding result *nods*

Oh! And here is Bob (pronounced [bo:b], with as long 'o:' as you can make). Bob the cat :D

I've made him a waistcoat. But I still need to finish it (a pocket on the front and an embroidery on the back).

And here is another sneak peek of one of my princesses - Lan. I finished her today and I'm totally exhausted! What's more - my computer, Calliope, is dying trying to make so big pictures (they are more than 50cm wide). I need to upgrade her as soon as I get some money. There are 11 princesses left and there's no time to spend waiting till each picture loads and flips horizontally (and I flip horizontally all the time!).

I had some problems with her hair. They were to dark when compared with the rest of the picture - and they are not even black! I needed to add a lot of darker shadows everywhere so they won't come out too much. I still will have to add few...


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