A lot of colours and no Daily Sketches

I won't be able to do worthy Daily Sketches for a while. I still have to make a lot of sketches to work and to other work and to school but those are sketchy sketches; probably nothing interesting for you to see. I'll show them, though, but in bunches and without further counting.

It's been more then a week since I started working on illustrations to a children's book - about princesses from all around the world. There are 14 girls to illustrate - keeping in mind the deadline (2 months time) minus a week to not finish it in the last second (+ have time to change some details, if needed) it gives me 4 days for each princess.

Sounds dramatic. But it's quite a lot of time too. But you have to do it every day for 2 months... No free time from them... But they are fun to make and they are not so detailed and complicated - it's for children after all.

Now I'm making the 3rd of them. An Oriental princess, something like Jasmine :) and she has got a pet tiger! Rrrrr! :D

No stripes, imagine them ;)



  1. how cool! Hopefully we will get to see some of them in progress...

  2. Sounds like a fun project! I always panic at a deadline! But planning it out like you are is a great thing, be diligent and you'll be surprised-- you'll probably get it done early!


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