Concept sketches

It appeared to me that I haven't shown you some of my sketches of works-to-be :) Thankfully I haven't lost them!

A cow :) This one is even finished!

My dog Tina (also finished!) and cow once again.

Some mermaid sketches, I was wondering how to draw a little mermaid doing sth with her hair.

And here she looks just as she should! I will probably paint her someday. The frog too ;)

More frogs and a bugs family :3

My dog Tina, hamster Fryderyk, cat, mole and a hedgehog I've never had

Here are some sketches I did for a baby-things-and-stuff company. This is Red Riding Hood and the wolf.

More of them :) I really like that concept with a tree and a picnic ^^

And here is some kind of a pixie.

A pixie who lives in a fungi :)

They wanted to see owls too - here they are! My favourite concept is the one with baby owl and a mouse :D It's sweet! ^o^

Oh, and here are sketches for my upcoming work for Illustration Friday ('perspective'). It's also based on Children's Illustrator Club's theme that ended yesterday and I didn't make it on time (again) - Birdhouse. It's a peek from the inside :)

Colour scheme for the picture. The whole pictures will be warm and cosy with some light-blue elements to keep it more interesting.

That's a lot of sketches :D


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